Yesterday afternoon, Year 6 were tasked with creating a boat made out of paper and one sheet of foil. The boat had to float and be able to withstand different weights in the water.



Next Week

Next week, the children will be writing poems in English.

We are having our dress rehearsal for the Christmas performance on Monday, followed by our performance in church on Tuesday.

The children will also be treated to a pantomime (oh no they won’t) by Chaplins this week.

In the afternoons, the children will be completing STEM-based activities.

Open the Book

This morning Open the Book once again taught us about the story of Moses.

We learnt about how the Israelites wandered through the wilderness after escaping Egypt’s rule. They moaned and groaned throughout their journey. Moses apologised to God for their behaviour and God then provided food for the Israelites; however, they still moaned showing they weren’t grateful of what God had done.