Creating traffic lights

This week we had the  satisfiying opportunity to create our very own traffic lights. We created them by cutting holes in cardboard boxes, placing coloured filters onto the box and then connecting a circuit. This was lots of fun and I can’t wait till next week.

Written by Jamie Speakman


Values jar

Today in our class worship we filled a jar with everything we encounter in life.

First, we started with table tennis balls and wrote down what was important in life on them. We had words such as: hope, family, love, etc…

I asked if the jar was full afterwards, to which the children said yes.

So then I added beads to the jar. I asked again was the jar full? The children again answered yes.

I then added sand to the jar – once again I asked if it was full. Again the children answered yes.

Finally, I filled the jar with water.

After all of these, I explained to the children that the balls represented all of the important things in life, such as: family, home, love, friends… the beads represented secondary things like: money, job, work, SATs, etc…. The sand represented all the little things, such as: material items, arguments, etc…. The water then represented  that there is always more space to learn.

Following this, I explained to the children that if you put the beads or the sand in first then there wouldn’t be any space for the balls. So in life we need to make sure we are happy and focus on the important things first.


Open the Book

This morning the children learned about Noah and his arc. It was a very interactive assembly; the children absolutely loved it.

Hope church showed the children how and why the arc was built; how long it rained for; what happened after it stopped raining and why a rainbow is God’s message to us.


Next Week

Next week the children will be writing explanation texts in English, whilst focusing on using a variety of punctuation accurately.

In RE we will be looking at the idea of life being a journey.

In maths the children will be using formal methods of calculations.

Science with Mrs Hillidge

Today with Mrs Hillidge, we played a wire obstacle game, which buzzed when we touched it. We had to create the game from scratch; in the end we decided to use Ryan’s and Josh’s game. We then had a class championship to decide who had the steadiest hand. Jake and Lucy C eventually won.

We loved this activity today, and can’t wait to see what she has planned for us next week. We love her lessons.

Written by Oscar Shelley