Next Week

This week in English the children will be completing their recounts, before moving on to writing dialogue correctly.

In topic we will continue to explore the art of graffiti.

In maths we will continue to look at formal calculation methods.


The children explored graffiti in their sketchbooks yesterday afternoon, they had a go at creating images and writing a word that meant something to them in a graffiti style.


Key Stage 2 Party Time

This afternoon, there was fun and games in the hall as years 5 & 6 danced their way through the Key Stage 2 party. The parcel flew round the circle so fast, only these blurred photographs remain as evidence. Well done to all those who won prizes.



This afternoon, Year 6 were tasked with moving a block of jelly out of a tray. It was not as simple as it sounds however, as the tray was filled with olive oil, the jelly was covered in it and the pencils were also coated in oil. It proved to be a difficult task.



This morning, Year 6 were treated to a panto from Chaplins. They watched a version of Aladdin which contained both Despacito and Ghostbusters (strange combo). All the children thoroughly enjoyed the show.