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Next week we are…

Maths is all about working with fractions. This will include adding and subtracting fractions.

English will involve the children looking at good examples of recounts, and then writing their own  recounts.

Our topic work will be the final part of our living things topic. The children are designing and making their own habitats.

Prepare for next week.

In maths we will be continuing to develop our problem solving skills, mainly focusing on division. Please spend some time practicing your multiplication facts.

Our topic work will see the completion of information booklets based on the animal of your choice. These will include information regarding characteristics, feeding, life cycles, habitat, adaptations.

To tie in with the work the children are doing based on Blackfish we will also be debating if it is right to keep animals in captivity.

The Power of Social Media…

As part of our Blackfish topic, Year 6 have thought about ways we could communicate our recent findings about the mistreatment of captive orcas to the widest possible audience. Social media seemed the best option, particularly through the use of strong images.

We decided that we should use emotive or straight-forward text,

alongside powerful images to get our message across.

IMG_0071 IMG_0077 IMG_0158 IMG_0348 IMG_0647

Topic research task.

You have all selected your animal you are going to focus on for your topic book.

Find further information about your animal regarding its characteristics, habitat, feeding relationships, adaptations.

Remember: adaptations are relating to how it copes in its particular habitat and environment. For example the polar bear below is white to act as camouflage against the snow and ice. It also has a thick layer of fur to act as insulation.


Blackfish Responses

After watching the Blackfish documentary, what are your immediate thoughts?

How is the information presented on the SeaWorld website different to that shown on the DVD?

Do you feel that it is right that we keep orcas in captivity?

How could we raise awareness of this issue?

New learning

In our maths next week we will continue our work looking at co-ordinaries in all for quadrants. We will then be moving on to problems which require more than one calculation to find the answer. Get practicing those written methods in preparation.

Science. Try to find examples of how different animals are adapted to suit their environments and habitats. You can bring pictures and information into school to support next week’s work.

Blackfish and SeaWorld


In our English lessons we have been looking at the documentary ‘Blackfish’ which looks at SeaWorld and their treatment of killer whales.  We will be writing persuasive letters, recounts and reports based on this topic in the coming weeks. 

I wonder what interesting information and facts our class can discover about SeaWorld for their homework? 

I look forward to reading them Year 6 in the comments below! 

Mrs Pringle