Monthly Archives: November 2015

Next week

In maths we will be continuing our work on measures and moving on to capacity.

The children will be writing their  autobiographies in our topic work and it would be great if they had photos of key events to include in this. They can be brought in to school from Monday onwards.


Next week’s maths will involve us working out area and perimeter. In English the children will be developing their narrative skills.

Our topic will involve us looking at how life is a journey. We will be looking at lots of art work which shows images of journeys.


Pre- learning

Next week in our maths we will be drawing, measuring and calculating the size of angles. Make sure you know how many degrees there are in a triangle, on a straight line and in a full turn. We will also be using acute, obtuse, straight and reflex to identify angles.

The children will be continuing with their work on narrative in English.

Our topic work will begin by looking at how life is a journey. The children will be identifying the significant events in their lives and the lives of others.

Pre-learning homework

Look carefully at the image, imagine being in this room. 

What is in the box?

How would you describe the atmosphere?

How would you feel?

Write a story, or a very detailed opening to The Room.

See if you can include:

a question directly to the reader

An imagine 3egs sentence

An emotion word, (comma) sentence

A mysterious atmosphere