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Powerful Images

Year 6 have looked at communication in the digital age. They noticed that images were one of the most common things to come up online.

They have chosen a powerful quote, either from online or their own writing. All children thought carefully about linking their quote to an image, and the positioning of their words.

I’m sure you will agree they are magnificent. Look out for some more with the children’s writing.










Dear Sea World – Highlights from our letters

It has come to my attention that you are not treating your Orcas appropriately. The Orcas (who swim in pods of 40 – 60 Orcas) are kept in small, concrete cages. I have read your side of the story, so I am correct in saying that you drug the Orcas.


The fact is that Orcas live as long as humans, not until 20 – 25 as you say.
Indeed you entertain people to teach them about Orcas and other Sea creatures, but watching people die while entertaining others is wrong.


You let each whale stay in the same tank as others who hurt them, I am sure you would not like to be in such a small space with someone making you bleed.
I would also have thought that after 4 deaths you would surely let the Orcas go free. How would you like to be in the same room for 30 years without family; doing the same old performance daily; that is why they are distressed.


You can free all whales so they can live in the wild and have room to swim (Orcas can swim 100 miles a day) the room they have is too small – they need more room.


I would like to know why you capture the Orcas and keep them in a small pool. You need to make the enclosures bigger or set them all free.


Orcas have feelings just like humans, but they show it differently; would you do this to a human? Do you really expect an animal – that has been taken from their family – to not react?
You say that Orcas live for less than 40 years, they actually live for double that.
I do not think you should shut down, but I am fighting for a bigger space for them.


Year 6 – Sea World thoughts?

So today you saw clips of Orcas, some in the wild, some in captivity.

What do you think so far?

What makes you think something is not right?

Has anyone else commented that has made a point you agree/disagree with?



Mia has joined the debate on Twitter, where @SeaWorld have tweeted her, in reply to her comments on Blackfish. Look how much attention it got!