Monthly Archives: September 2014

Night Hike

Following a lovely chippy tea (with extra large sausage, some extra spring rolls and a lot of sauce) year 6 went on a night hike through the forest. They took torches and collected fire wood on the way.

At the end of the walk the children sang songs round a campfire before toasting marshmallows.

To warm up, year 6 had hot chocolate then went to sleep under the stars.

We must have tired them out, it’s all quiet in camp!



A little wet?

Year 6 had a fantastic day yesterday.

After sorting out the sleeping arrangements, the children were really keen to… Have lunch!

Once they had eaten they were keen to get starting building a raft.
Three groups worked on three rafts made out of barrels and wood. Year 6 learned how to tie an X factor knot, in order to keep their raft afloat!

All three groups worked brilliantly, obviously all three rafts stayed afloat!

Many of the children managed to stand up while rowing. Some of the children overcame their fear of water by getting on the raft.
A few children fell in; a couple lost a shoe!

By request of the children, they were shown how to jump off the jetty into the water safely. (Feet on the edge while falling backwards).
Most of the children, Miss Robinson and Mrs Bannon did this. They all couldn’t wait for a shower!

Google Earth

Year 6 have been looking at the local area on Google Earth. They have chosen ares of Golborne to focus on and will be creating a tour online.

This means you will be able to go on Google Earth to view the tours of the area the children have made. (How clever!)

So year 6… Can you work out how to add images to Google Earth?
Find out ready for your next lesson.